Tile Flooring

From Patios to Kitchens, A New Tile Floor will Revive any Home

Tile Flooring in Ocoee, FL

Homeowners no longer have to sacrifice fashion for functionality when it comes to flooring. With so many versatile products now on the market, you are sure to find a product that satisfies in all respects. Visit Carr's Flooring America in Ocoee, FL to view stylish collections of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles for a multitude of home redesign projects. Complete your home garden with a stone walkway or finally put the finishing touches on your master plan for a patio to barbecue and entertain guests. Inside the home, you can spruce up your bathroom and shower walls or add a new kitchen floor and backsplash. It's true that tile provides some of the greatest design possibilities beyond simple flooring.

Our store is proud to carry a wide range of tile lines, with materials sourced from industry-leading manufacturers. Whether you are concerned about durability or have a greater interest in style, you can feel confident turning to us for the tile of your dreams. We offer exceptional services and exclusive selections guaranteed to make your upcoming flooring project a breeze, including the following name brands:

  • Daltile
  • Happy Floors
  • Floorcraft 
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw Floors
  • Marazzi
  • American Olean
  • Spotlight Values
  • Emser Tile

Benefits and Types of Tile

Ceramic & Porcelain

Ceramic tile is an excellent option for any household. Ceramic is resistant to moisture, stains, scratches, and heavy impacts, making it perfect for heavy foot traffic as well as for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and just about any room of a home. Part of what makes ceramic so intriguing is its ease of maintenance -- we recommend occasional dry and damp mopping so your floors always look clean and fresh. Since dust has nowhere to hide on a ceramic tile floor, it’s perfect for households in which a member suffers from allergies or asthma.

Porcelain tile is another popular option among home and business owners for many of the same reasons as ceramic. Though all porcelain can be classified as ceramic, not all ceramic can be called porcelain. This is because of how it’s made -- porcelain is made from finer clays and blown at higher temperatures, resulting in a denser material with smaller pores. This added density provides extra moisture and frost protection, yielding more applications for outdoor use. The increased density is especially apparent when you break the tile -- if you were to break a piece of porcelain, you would notice that it’s the same color all the way through unlike standard ceramic. So if you ever do manage to chip your porcelain tile, it would be very hard to notice any damage.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles have grown in popularity over the years in part thanks to advancements in modern imaging technology. New tiles are being manufactured to accurately mimic the aesthetic of wood and natural stone. These designs hold up against the closest inspection, allowing for interesting design options for any room of a home. This enables homeowners to enjoy the natural look of wood or stone while taking advantage of the flexibility and durability of tile. Between beauty, ease of maintenance, and design flexibility, it’s hard to go wrong with either of these remarkable options.

Slate & Stone

Slate and stone tile has remained an enduring choice for savvy home and business owners for hundreds of years. As the name implies, slate is mined from deep underground. The material itself is naturally resistant against heavy impacts, moisture, heat, and extreme stress. And although color selection may be limited by what Mother Earth can offer, it’s tough to beat the natural allure of slate, as it pairs so well with so many different styles and designs. Maintenance is a breeze as well, as you can expect your slate tile floor to outlast the house itself. The price point is a bit higher than other tile options, but the return on investment is apparent through its performance as well as its resale value. 

A perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use, stone and slate tile offers an earthy and rustic look to your home or landscaping. Enjoy the warm and welcoming tones of blue, gray, orange, gold, and green. Stone and slate are unique types of tile, as they are not man-made but are quarried directly from the earth.

Wood-Look Tile Fashions

What first captures the eyes of our customers is the realistic appearance of ceramic and porcelain wood tile. It so closely resembles hardwood plank that it’s difficult to tell the difference. Of course, this offers you all the wonderful decorating possibilities that are part and parcel of wood-grain tile.

We’re very fond of the appearance of this product. With grout applied between the individual tiles, you have a flooring option with a unique appeal. However, beauty is just one of the benefits of this floor covering. For instance, this flooring doesn’t contract or expand in the presence of moisture and humidity. Since wood tile is water-resistant, you can use it in rooms where water is present, such as the basement, bathroom, or kitchen. This is why our wood-look tile is perfect for remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

Specializing in Tile Flooring Installation

Investing in professional tile installation is just as important as choosing a quality tile product. This is something we recognize in our flooring business, and it is also why we offer installation services on behalf of clients. Once you’ve made a confident purchase from our store and showroom, we immediately schedule a time for our in-house installers to visit your home.

Our professionals utilize trusted techniques and technology in order to flawlessly execute the tile flooring installation. We remain so confident in the work of these technicians that we back their efforts with some of the most impressive warranty systems in the industry. Our tile products are covered by the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. Should you experience any installation-related issues over the lifetime of your floors, we provide resolutions at no charge.

Contact us today for more information about which tile product will best fit your home renovation needs. We serve homeowners in Ocoee, Oakland, Gotha, Orlando, and Windermere, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.


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